Economic Assets Group

The Economic Assets Group is an independent think tank, advisory group, and publisher focused on the strategic design and mission-critical deployment of economic assets robust to institutional constraints and political economies.

The economic assets we take into consideration include, but are not limited to, financial, physical, political, human, social, and intellectual capital. Anywhere from one to all economic asset types may be at play for a given managerial decision.

Our approach is guided by three fundamental and principled beliefs in the nature of the markets of the 21st century.

  • 1) the globalization of markets presents unprecedented rewards and risks that must be managed simultaneously within a dynamic and strategic framework that recognizes institutional and political environments.

  • 2) for the foreseeable future, virtually all markets will be working through numerous paradigm shifts, requiring decision-makers to balance a healthy analytical appreciation of the current or previous paradigms together with a bold and insightful vision of the paradigms to come.

  • 3) market trends that are now establishing themselves are in no way deterministic nor will they be considered inevitable by the status quo, but instead will be generated ex post by a series of strategic moves.